Keith and joe, the new instructors. We will post more of these fellas in action
later in the week save to say with a combine 12000 jumps they rock as AFF
Instructors and freefly coaches using new in air radio coms systems.

Matthew Chappell, Voss Alexnadre, Andrew Chappell and Howard Hull 4 friends
from London have come to complete the AFF Course with us this week. Welcome
to the freefall University Guys!

Jane and Joe

Lewis Young recently arrived to complete the AFF skydiving course with us in 
Spain is pictured here with his instructor Mike getting ready to do his AFF level

Despite the massive landing area there are several marked areas for students
to ” aim ” for when landing. We encourage accuracy and coach towards it during
both AFF and consolidation jumps. Despite the landing area being well in excess
of the British PArachute Assocation minimum requirements size wise and perhaps
due to it , we want to best prepare you for not only skydiving in the UK but other
international dropzones where the landing area is ” tighter “.

Ben finished all his consols, his girlfriend Laura will do the AFF Course in May.
She came down just for some time out convinced she would not skydive but
well fun is infectous so she booked in to do the course and Ben will come back to
get some more fun jumps and perhaps some formation skydiving training in.

Jeremy is all smiles after his level one. A lot of preperation goes into the skydiving 
ground school but nothing can quite prepare you for whats ahead .. you just gotta
do it!

Chris, Lewis, Jeremy and joe attend one of our regular packing courses. The 
course starts with demonstrations and by the end of the day you will be packing
rigs supervised ( and you will jump your packjob too! 🙂

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