Accelerated Freefall Courses.

It doesn’t matter , if you have never been skydiving before or you’ve just completed a tandem skydive then our AFF ( Accelerated Freefall ) courses will be tailored for you . Soon you could be skydiving solo in San Diego , California from over 15,000ft.. We will make it easy!

Ease into it in ground school

The ground school is designed for complete beginners. In easy to follow modules your expert tutor will guide you through each aspect of skydiving. You will learn about :

  • How your skydiving equipment works.
  • Basic freefall safety and techniques.
  • Flying your parachute as pilot in command.

The ground school is logically broken down into easy to digest sections with rest periods. The ground school is fun and a chance to get to know your instructor.

Onto the Skydiving !

With the AFF groundwork behind you, you’ll be confident and ready to take flight. At this point you might like to get into the wind tunnel with your instructor.

This module is broken down into logical phases.

  • Basic body flight - stability and altitude awareness.
  • Advanced body flight, how to turn and move around.
  • In flight "tricks" like loops and barrel rolls.

By the time you get to your graduation level you will be smiling from ear to ear. More importantly, you will be skydiving safely, on your own, confidently and with an impressive array of newly acquired skills.

Flying your parachute comfortably

It can be a little daunting at first opening your parachute and looking down at your intended landing point..." How do I fly to there" ? We are here to help you advance as "pilot in command". We will cover areas such as:

  • Checking your parachute and equipment.
  • Principles of safety.
  • Navigation techniques.
  • Landing safely with accuracy.

In no time you will be picking your intended landing point and logging "Stand up landing on target" :)

After AFF - Safe and Happy

After the AFF course let us keep up the learning. Your first stop will be the full A license which qualifies you to skydive with others. The Gold package takes it out of the park by teaching you how to take your place in the sky with your friends. It covers advanced areas such as :

  • Safety around others in the sky.
  • How to move around the sky relative to others
  • Planning in line with your experience level
  • Flying your parachute in groups. Safety and procedure
  • Tell me more about your skydiving instructors
    GoJump and the Freefall University attract and retain the best. Our experienced instructors hold both BPA and USPA ratings. They jump ever day and our chief instructor has over 30,000 skydives. You are in safe hands !
  • How often do beginner courses start ?
    Courses start every Saturday. We have limited spaces to ensure we can give each of our valued students the attention they deserve. If you need to start on a different day get in touch with us.
  • Should I book the Basic or full package ?
    This depends on you and your objectives.If you want to try out skydiving solo then the ” Check it out Bronze is the better skydiving package to try.. You can always upgrade later on at any time.
  • Is learning to skydive Scary ?
    Of course ! If you werent a little nervous we would be for you 🙂 Skydiving isnt the preserve of NASA candidates nor is it a round of golf.. We are skydivers, we remember the butterflies of learning , they are part of the reward. We can help overcome any nerves you might have.

“Check it out “- Bronze.


Time Required 2 Days

  • Ground School.
  • First 2 certification skydives.
  • Possible to do more jumps.
  • All Equipment required.
  • Logbook.
2 Skydives Total
Why this Package ?
For those who want to put a toe in the water and try out solo skydiving. After you have completed two jumps you are welcome to do more and go onto jump solo.

First Solo included – Silver.


Time Required 4 Days.

  • USPA AFF Course 7 levels
  • Ground Schoo.l
  • All Equipment required.
  • Logbook.
  • First Solo including equipment.
8 Skydives Total
Why this Package ?
For those who would like to take the first step in skydiving just committing to the course you can then add on solo jumps or indeed the full license later.

Gold Beginners course


Time Required 12 - 14 Days

  • 20 minutes wind tunnel
  • USPA AFF Course 7 levels
  • 11 Solo Tickets
  • 5 Coached Dives
  • HD Video of all instructed dives
  • All Equipment required
25 Skydives Total
Why this course ?
For those who just know what want to commit to getting their A Licence ( Allowing you skydive with other people ) this package combines the bronze and bronze add on package.

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