Earlie start today, wheels off at 8:45am. A solo skydive..best way to start the day!

Ashley with Ryan, level 4 on his AFF Course .  Hie is an Air conditioning  engineer  from London

Mike  goes to the south boarding area with Lois, level 5 next.

Tom and Jane,tree surgeon from West Sussex,level 5 fisrt thing this morning.

2 planes full time.

We are expanding the large grassed landing area. This is used primarily by experience
skydivers with students preferring the larger ( frequently plowed for softness ) areas.

Ashley with his instructor after landing. Seems they cant wait to get into the
debriefing room to look at the video and are checking it out on the insturctor

Lets get the next one ready:-)

Lois and Alan after another AFF Level, we will have 8 graduateds later today.

Jeremy training his level 6 exit with Mike.

FFU  Students boarding area.

Ashley, Alan and Andy all will be graduated later today:-)

Hop and pop briefing for the Level 8. Make sure your AFF course includes level
8 with all gear hire as standard if you intend to jump in the UK. Your confidence
will increase a lot getting out of the aircraft lower.

CH1 training. We have taken the BPA CH1 course and added extra training to
help improve flight planning. This course costs very little once you are jumping
solo and we highly reccomend it.

Matt Pleece who is a police officer puting his name down for another fun jump.
Our manifest works tirlessly to make each and every FFU client gets in the air.
our tandem skydive does an average of 80 tandems a day now and we have
worked extremely hard to make sure every one of our AFF students whether on
AFF or consols get the number of jumps they want in a day.

Stephanie, Andy and Matt after landing.

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