One of our Pilatus Porter PT6-34s has just come back from Switzerland after its 4 year overhual. Not only is it sporting new electronic instrumentation  but a clean bill of health  and  a new PT6- 34 engine from Pratt and Whitney. It is our dropzone policy to have two aircaft minimum on the dropzone at all times to provide lift capacity and redundancy.

We reckon we should nickname this bird ” The Rocket ” as it  now whisks our skydivers  up to 13,500 feet in cerca 10 minutes!


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Mikael from Switzerland completed his AFF course with us just a few days ago and is now settling into his advance parachute  handling skills course , which encompasses as a basic the BPA  CH2 qualification ( available onsite ) . Mikeal use to drive rally cars profesionally back in his youth, but says that skydiving is now his new found love,  the ladies he says come in a close second..

Though the proof is in the pudding  a Mikeal  has purchased over 400 jumps for completion over the next few weeks with us , when asked what his objectives are he told us that he wants to progess into Birdman and BASE jumping within the next 6 months.  Why not ?

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Our dropzone is host not only to  AFF advanced courses, instructors courses  but a growing number of fun jumpers from around Spain. We have wingsuiters freeflyers who are joined by former graduates of the school .. here a group of jumpers prepare for. a ” flock ” .


Our onsite bar whilst great as it is will be upgraded with an investment of 24,000 euros in the coming weeks . Stay tuned for details. We wish to develop further our onsite facilities. We also have a recretion room with British Sattelite TV  and wifi (desk space available for those who must work between jumps) and a host of other upgrades in the pipeline.


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