Welcome to Paul, he arrived yesterday night, did his ground school this morning
and finished on level four this evening.  He is from Leew in Staffordshire. 

Jeremy and Alan, all 10  consolidation parachute jumps  done this morning:-)

Rob, our pilot started his FS1 with Jane today.

Tom is ready for his hop and pop.

Charlie also started his FS1 with Jane today.

Level 1 done, lets go up again:-) Awesome  Paul.

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Video of the Day!

Travis Rice enters the soft white embrace of endless deep powder on a mystic mountain in japan

Full video: spr.ly/6185lwcu

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Josh  who lives in  Cork, Ireland  whilst travelling started the AFF course in Australia but didnt finish it. That was almost a year ago but after a quick chat with us we were able to establish via exactly what training route Josh could get back skydiving.  Bags were packed , passports were located and Josh … Continue reading Getting back in the air

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