Mrs. Moneypenny is also still here. She too haas completed her consolidation
jumps. It seems there is no stopping her..

Welcome back to Ben Storey. He joined us again for some more fun in the Sun
haven completed the AFF course earlier this year.

Also welcome back to Thomas Watson, Thomas did his AFF Course about two
weeks ago and couldnt wait to get some solo jumps done.

Check out Tom Smith about to do his jumpnº 120. He is rocketing onwards
seems hes on every second load.

” The names is Tom “.

Monikais making great progress with Jane on the FS1 programme.

Simon Carter is finished his consols and on jump number 24 now.

Dan smith is also back for some more Skydiving, he did his AFF course earlier
this year.

Desmond has now completed the postraduate development programme in
addition to his A license and FS1 formation skydiving course.

We love the goggles , very cool. Nice Mantis position too ! Dude whats with the
gloves its 30 degrees ?

James Clark getting ready for level 4…

Craig Crosbie also stll here…

Wellcome to Harry Richmond that just arrived for an AFF course with us at the

Jamie Barclayjust arrived also for the AFF course.

Chris Ryan too has joined us for the AFF course.

That exit loooks a bit funky but James Turner held it together. Not all exits
go exactly to plan but knowing when to hold it together and when to ” let go ”
and regroup is experience based. In this case a great decision to fly it as it
sorted itself out

Here is the release for the first of seven points. Congratulations James FS1
gradute number 5 this month. Another fully fledged extreme team member !

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