Another bright and sunny day on the drop zone here in Ocana temperatures in the mid twenties ,, sweet as . Tim, one of our students has completed his AFF including ground school in 2 and a half days, is now progressing towards his BPA A License .. what an achievement.

His father was a Commanding officer in the RAF with an interest in parachuting  and so it was Tim´s ambition to follow  In his footsteps. We are sure that he has made his father proud.


Mikeal is a paraglidering fanatic from Sweden ; though  we have coverted him into an accomplished skydiver, he  has completed 70 jumps in the last 10 days after graduating AFF . .  He has Passed his Canopy handling 1 and 2 and done more advanced coaching with us too ..

He just popped into the office to let us know he wasnt going home , he relates to us  waking up to the prospect of going to Madrid airport and decided he was having none of it wanting to stay on the dropzone with us and keep jumping . .. We like your Style Mikael! Wing suit training next with Paula from the BB team  ( who incidentally successfully defended her gold at the world games last year ! )

Phil the Kid, as we like to call him, (there´s a story there, remember to ask him!) is hard working looking after our students . 3 years ago he joined us to complete his AFF course, and like Mikeal he enjoyed it so much decided to stay. He has completed hundreds of skydives in that time and worked initially in client care  but is now taking the next steps and is enrolled in our mentoring program to become an instructor in the school.  Phil will spend the next year in the ground team assisting with ground schools before going forward for his AFF instructors rating.



Ally and Kyle, who not only sport fantastic beards but drove from the UK  camper van, are progressing well, they decided that skydiving was for them after watching a few video´s about BASE jumping; having their sights set on that, they are learning the basics of flight.


We wish them all the best and Blue skies.

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