Matt Mountney exiting the plane at 13.000 ft during his consols.

A bit of turns…

And a bit of tracking, well done Matt.

Guy Burnett who join us for an AFF Course, he is jumping with Ulli, the Dr….

Congratulation to Justin that just passed his AFF Course.

Time for Debby:-) Not everybody gets this…

Krazi, one of our instructor did his jump nº 7.000 today, this is how we celebrate it.

They all ready ti trow something on Krazi

Dave White with Mike Evans watching the video from his last level.

Well come to Alex Von Brockdorff, that with a few friends visit us for an AFF Course.

Well come to Fergus MacDiarmid

Well come to Robert Hammond, lets see how the friends do.

Well come to Guy Burnett, the party man…

Richard Trotman checking his rig before flight.

Well come back to Paddy and Nick. after being a few month without jumping, we need to review a few
thing before going up.

Well come to Filipe Ling from Portugal who join us for an AFF Course this week.

Well come back to Michael Williams a returning student, Mike is visiting is for fun jumping, and his girlfriend will be doing her AFF Course as well.

Nick is back in the air after his check dive…

Go fast……

Nick and Ray, AFF, 10 consols, Ch1 and a few more jumps in just a week.

Simon Cree and Filipe Ling with Tim.

Steve Wilson with Mike. ready for his level 1 today.

Only 2 to go for Robert

Nick getting a few advices from Ulli

We cant stop Matt anymore…

Fergus and Jane, she is trying to look tall, but she isn’t…

Darren at work…

Mano the Pilot @ work as well

Paula is helping them…ehehehhe….

Jorge,one of our full time pilots, he’s a acrobatic pilot as well, today he have a day off of skydiving and
will be training for his next competition in the UK.

Andrew and Darren after another jump together.

Matt and Ulli.

Dave White and Jane geared up for next load.

Alex did extremely well today, 4 levels passed.

Check the boys out… Filipe, Steve, Matt and Simon all graduated and jumping solo in just a few days.

Most recent freefly team.

A few photos from the DZ

Thank you all…..

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