Louis is almost graduated, level 6 next, he promiss is mates that he will shave is head once
graduated, so lets see…

Well come to Rob Trotter that just arrived for an AFF Course.

Philip just about do to his level 6

Glenn James is back in Spain for his FS1, Glenn did is AFF Course with the Freefall
University last summer.

Andrew McGrath is also starting his FS1 today with mark Harris

Jonathan Toomey, another FFU graduated, back in Spain for some fun jumping.

i’m not sure what is says, but for sure is not good:-)

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6 hours ago

Video of the Day!

Travis Rice enters the soft white embrace of endless deep powder on a mystic mountain in japan

Full video: spr.ly/6185lwcu

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Josh  who lives in  Cork, Ireland  whilst travelling started the AFF course in Australia but didnt finish it. That was almost a year ago but after a quick chat with us we were able to establish via exactly what training route Josh could get back skydiving.  Bags were packed , passports were located and Josh … Continue reading Getting back in the air

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