Lots of action this month with an expected 30 graduates and more then 4000 individual Skydives.

Jordan was visiting Madrid for a few days and decide to do something different, and here he is, ready for his level 1 after a day of ground school.

Well come back to Padraig, he did his course with us last year, and now he is bringing a few friends from Ireland, Patrick and John, have fun guys.

For those who don’t know him… Here is Ryan, our full time video guy, if you want a funny video of one of you jumps or consols, he is the man, as you can see in the picture.

Here we have Michael, Jordan’s friend, he decided to have a go on a Tandem Skydive with Piotr.

Well come to Dave Wickes, Sharon’s brother, this is his 1st time with us, he is visiting us for an FS1 Course and lots of fun at Cheers later tonight:-)

Congratulations to Desmond that finished his AFF Course today with Danilo. Well done Des.

Here we have Antulio, trying his new wingsuit Vampire 3, He is getting more then 3 minutes falling at only 40mph.

Miguel from Mexico, just fun jumping over Spain.

A great day today, Sharon just passed her AFF Course, and straight up for her 1st consol. Congratulations Sharon.

Mike, Jane and Dave, on a boarding call for Dave’s 1st 3 way jump.

You better get that done Dave.

Patrick, John and Padraig are having a great time jumping together. they have an average of 5 jumps a day.

Desmond getting ready to exit the Pilatus, nice view ah?

Well come to Stefan Stark form Germany, Stefan arrived yesterday, did his Ground school with our German instructor Ulli and 3 jump today, so far.

James Venn called us yesterday inquiring about skydiving and here he is today, starting GS tomorrow morning with Jane.
We can help you planing your holidays, we’ll take care of flights, accommodation and transport, just let us know when you would like to start:-)

Skydive rocks……

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