Time to Mention our Birdman Program Mark 2 ,, its time to stop  falling and
start flying at the freefall Uni  ! We have a ton of birdmen suits on the way from
Yari in Birdman and will have some super duper stuff at the birds nest here in
the Freefall Uni. Super exciting stuff I tell ya . No better man to kick us of
than the super hero himself.  Welcome to the flight team.

Welcome to Neil Davies, Neil arrived yesterday evening , did the GS and today is ready for
his 1st skydive.

Welcome back to Daniel Nicholls who completed on of our AFF courses earlier
in the year and cam back for some more skydiving.

Rasmus is also back for some more fun… what is it this time? FS or FF? Its all
doors open at the Uni. You aint seen nothing yet.

David O’Donnell Just arrived to take  on of our BASE jumping  Courses.

Damien ” Fish ”  Smith is also taking the BASE Course, for those who dont
know Damien  was an AFF student last year at the FFU and has already met
all the criteria.

Noel Durack is also back…  hey man great to see you back for your fifth visit
in one year. So honoured to be your home dropzone in Europe.

Marchas been rocking on with the formation skydiving course, three way next

And one more visitor.. Big hello to Lee Clepson another former graduate back
to skydive with us again. Thank you for being here , we appreciate your
confidence in us.

Chris Andrew back again, i believe this is your third time with us. Thank you.

“Oh behave ” .  have  a ” splendid ” umm .. dive.

Neil Davies did 3 jumps so far on his AFF course and he  is not stopping yet…

Neil Davies on exit of his level 4… the plan is 90º left and 90º right turn..  A
good exit is a good start to a skydive so as you can guess this is going to be
an awesome one.

Circle of awareness quickly complete. A thumbs up signal all is good ,, your
doing great.

One practice Pull complete. straight into it, they were last out , check out porter
number one on the way down for another load thats waiting in the boarding area .
We are Well chuffed with the amount  of jumps we got today on our DZ. Thanks
to our clients for choosing us and the packers and manifest for supporting us.

First 90 degree turn complete . The AFF level four is a watershed in your progression
as you know uoi are flying all on your own when you see your instructor out
in front . Double thumbs up and dont you deserve it Neil , just look at that grin too !

Well done Neil, level 5 next

Now…. check out the models!!!





Rasmus ( former AFF student also btw )

Akos is the Ground Control man…. but today he is also having some fun…
Skydive Algarve is going to rock!

Is this a man? Is this a bird? No…. Is Tom Smith on the Sun Set load 🙂

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