Gisli Kristjansson has joined us all the way from Iceland . When he left home temperatures were not long just above freezing at a lowly 13 degrees. Paste on that sunblock old son, its been wall to wall sunshine here at the Uni.

Vijay Ahuja arriving for an AFF Course

Ground Schooll completed, so Vijay is ready to GO…

Gisli boarding, jumping with Andy Gregory

Chris Woodcock arriving

George and Konstantinos who did their AFF with us a year ago were back for some more! Here they are soaking up the Spanish sun ( I guess for a change ) . They so far have completed 3 jumps on their first day.

Chris Andrew visit us again to complet his FS1, here we see them all ready for the 4 way!

Eric Soenens with lots of style!

…FLAWLESS!!!!!! Is how Mike an Instructor described him…

Look whos back, John Darren did hi AFF course only a few weeks ago and he is back for some more fun!

Grant MacPherson is also back to do his FS1 course!, Grant did his AFF Course at the Freefall University last March and his now more then 60 jumps!

John Darren,Jason Lennox and Joanne, back in Spain for jumping!

Well done Grant! He manage to get 8 points on his 4 way!

Vijay from landing!

Chris Woodcock ready to go!

James Turner is back in Spain, he did his AFF Course at the Freefall University end of last May, after that he was back again and again, he have now more then 50 jumps in less then 2 months! And he will be back in August…
FFU apologizes to the family, friends and girl friend of James Turner as he cant talk about nothing else then Skydiving!

Colm is also back for some more fun!

Look at those smiles… Colm and Peter Williams after one more jump!

Gary Hawker is originally from New Zealand but lives in Amsterdam.) Here we can see him running through the ” drills”. There are certain things that are repeated on the ground so they become instinct if required.

This is Lynsey Burton from Puckeridge . She arrived here a few days ago telling us that she “didnt believe she would ever be able to jump alone “. It didnt take long before she was rockin and a rollin through the Spanish skies ” solo ” !! She got her consolidation jumps done and will soon be seen on a dropzone near you ! She hasnt decided where she will be jumping in the UK yet.

Sam Smith is pictured here getting ready to skydive with Mark. He came to do the AFF course with his father. I think Arching might have been Sams challenge given the thumb signal his instructor is giving in the photo. A thumb down in freefall is not your instructor tellin ya your rubbish .. rather it means push your pelvis down ( be like a bannana !! ) so the wind can keep you the right wat up.

David Smith, Sams father is pictured here. He also got on great on the AFF course . When asked what was his best jump he said the level 7 although he was a bit nervous on the first jump.

Eric Soenens getting ready for a later level. As you go through the course you will be getting more and more excited and less nervous about the whole deal.

Charlie Nixon ! Great to see you. Charlie was AFF graduate number 5 in the Freefall University many moons ago. He has since taken on many new adventures and dropped into to us after ” The running of the Bulls ” in Pamplona. He joined us to meet his girlfriend Philippa , here on the left who gradauted her AFF course in the past few days.

Meet Jane , a bubbly character from Newcastle . She joined us as an AFF instructor. She has been a great addition to the instructional team here at the FFU. She is pictured here with Paul Clarke who is a keen scuba diver and decided it was time to look down from above. Like 99% of us when he started he was a little apprehensive ( if he wasnt wo would be ! ) but once he got into it he had a ball describing the best part of the course as nailing the backloops.

Julian is also back for some more jumps at the Freefall University! Julian did his AFF Course here last month!

And so did Sasha!

Paul Clarke is seen boarding here for his level 4 skydive.

Peter Williams ready for level 1with Andy and Mike! A good Smile , have to be honest and say that I couldnt manage that , i was bricking it !

Here is Peter Williams from landing after his first solo skydive. The grin is from ear to ear
which is pretty normal too. Congratulations you did it !

Andrew Lanagham getting ready for his AFF level one . In accordance with our
risk management audit and standard practice students equipment is checked
a minumim of three times before each skydive. This is check number one , the last
one is made just before you exit the aircraft.

Right! Ready to rock . Have fun Andrew. Im sure you will find this a great break from Afghanistan… Andrew is home on leave from a tour of duty.

Volia !!! Tw o days later first solo logged. Theres no secret here … add you and a a FFU experienced instructor and two days later you have a solo skydiver with a grin the size of a slice of water melon!

Delvin Ravald he said “if he could have taken his guitar up he might have chilled out more” on his first skydive !!!

David Kell getting back into the packing area. The drill after a jump is to ” tidy ” your parachute for the packers and then go of for a debrief with your instructor. David is in the Forces and just back from Afghanistan.

Darcan Graham getting ready for his level one. You can see his level three here.

Always 100%

Here he is having walked in from his first solo.. Congratulations mate , another first not to be forgotten!

Welcome back to Margo Marozov from Poland , Margo did his Course lat here, and this is the third timeback for some fun in all the Spanish sun has to offer.

Here we have one more addict to Skydiving ,Thomas Paul.. lost count , great to see you again.

Andy Kane is also back for some more holidays!

Thomas Smith on a boarding call for his level one!

And up we go…..

Just check this out!!Darcan Graham doing some tracking on one of his consols!

Soft landing Darcan! Seen here under a navigator Canopy designed for a smooth and safe landing in student hands.

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