Senor Versace and company decided to see if they could turn a lilo into a magic carpet. In what is being hailed as a scientific breakthrough by their spokesman they claim to have levitated over the skies of Madrid for most of Sunday afternoon.  You heard it here first folks. They say you can have your magic lilo in any color you like once its white.

Welcome to David Marietta who came for his skydiving holiday with us to learn to skydive.
He completed his AFF course with Mike.

The Lilo Lilo boys having hailed their magic carpet Lilo flights a success ( but seemingly having misplaced the lilo somewhere in the sky, a rumour vigorously denied by their spokesperson who declined to be photographed I must add ) decided to occupy themselves with  more traditional skydiving. The gang down from the UK number 15 or so have been completing anything from 3 to 5 ways together.

Tony, Jon and Andy praticing for a 3 way.

Welcome to Mate Ivancic who is pictured here with his instructor Darren joined us to learn to skydive.

Josh decided to step out in style and test drive an intrudair tracking suit. I think the most jumps he did in one day was 8 and he has his sights set on flying a wingsuit. He is preparing the right way by doin some super sonic tracks in the ” suit ” .. He came down of his last jump as wide eyed as you see him here saying ” they were just floating, floating i tell you  ” .. It was at this point that press interest in the magic lilo started to get really intense and we had to seal of the dz to non skydivers.

1, 1000, 2 , 1000 … The guys wait in the boarding area discussing seperation between groups

Clark does not want to go back home , we didnt either when we started skydiving so each member of the FFU team found a way to work in the sport.

And the lilo is where ?


Congratulations to Terry who passed his AFF Course and went on to crack through the consolidation jumps.

Mark, Paula, Jon and Andrew ready for a Formation Skydive 3 way.

Shae and Josh fun jumping, 1st 2 way together.

Welcome back to Ellie, Ellie learned to skydive earlier this year and has made a number of trips out to Madrid ( from London )  .. This is her 2nd trip  this month and shes been joining in on some of the organised formation skydives in this case 4 ways.

And up they go but not before time for a team pose. A special welcome to Chris Occomore who trained with us back in 07 I believe it was. In 4 years since  he has completed over 1000 skydives and was doin camera for the 4 way.

Mike and David.

Next week we will be busy as we approach a period of time for which we are near booked out for our  accelerated freefall courses. We also run courses for both tandem and aff instructors. These ratings courses will be a frequent feature on our calendar. 5 People will be put their their paces to see if they are ready to become AFF instructors in a series of evaluation jumps and 5 people will undertake training and evaluation to become tandem masters so they can take people tandem skydiving both here in Madrid and at their respective dropzones around europe.

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