Its been a fun week at the Freefall  University we saw 12 people, most of whom had never skydived before become skydivers through our accelerated freefall  course in an average of 3 days of jumping.  All are currently completing their consolidation exercises under the watchful eye of Paula who is assisting them with their BPA CH1 and setting individual jump exercises in addition to offering further training. Consolidation jumping is about much more than hiring a rig and jumping , they are a chance to grow your experience , confidence and recieve further training in addition to reviewing the procedures already covered during your AFF. For example in addition to reviewing how to check your own equipment you learn about the dos and donts of doing a flightline check for other skydivers.
Sebastian just leaving the plane for another consol. Sebastain is pictured above punching out into a ” floating exit ” .

We have also been  hard at work to give our more experienced skydivers something to chew on in terms of  a new world experience.  Here are some pictures taken from Adrians formation birdman training. Recall that Adrian a little over ten days  week ago had never flown a birdman suit but yet under the intense tutelage  of his  wingsuit instructor he is is learning about up and overs followed by a smooth dock , pictures below.

Stephen only left a few days ago but it seems that a return to blighty was too much for him to take as he was no sooner home than he booked an easyjet from London  back to Madrid for some more fun in the sun.  Himself , John and Kamilla decided on some 3 way action and formed a scrambles team and promptly got into 3 way formation skydiving.

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Travis Rice enters the soft white embrace of endless deep powder on a mystic mountain in japan

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Mar 13

Getting back in the air

Josh  who lives in  Cork, Ireland  whilst travelling started the AFF course in Australia but didnt finish it. That was almost a year ago but after a quick chat with us we were able to establish via exactly what training route Josh could get back skydiving.  Bags were packed , passports were located and Josh … Continue reading Getting back in the air

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