James Robson from London  is jumping with Daniel. No stranger to high perssure situations due to his work he is taking accelarated freefall in his stride.  He admitted to being  scared but very focused before  his  1st jump but  after landing after his first AFF skydive his first thought   was “Did a really just do  that???!!! ” Yes you did and judging by the video debrief I saw you did it in style too. I remember feeling ,, well new things.. after my first skydive , a very nice kind of shock and euphoria but it was very calm.. Welcome to the Uni James.


Welcome to Joanna Sealy, from the City in  London. She  did 2 Tandem
jumps in the UK  and  decided it was better to do the accelerated freefall  course
with us in Spain as oppossed to another tandem . We think that was a good decision.

Welcome to the guys from Belfast ..  Jonny, Chris and Allan who arrived today for  AFF Course and our Oktoberfest in the Spanish Sun. They will shortly get into the ground school and get into the skydiving

Congratulations Alesandro Stoppa. Allesandro has been with us three days  and has already completed his Accelerated freefall Course and is cracking into the solo skydives.
I asked him what did he think when  the “door opened” for his first jump. He said i looked down and could only think “Sh1t”.. yup it all gets a bit real but the rubber met the road ahd he was off  with his two AFF Instructors ..  He is still trying to put words on the experience but given he is cracking into the solos now we anticipate nice ones!

Sebastian did his ground school yesterday and 4 levels of the Accelerated Freefall today. He is originally  from Romania but lives in South London. he is a meeting event coordinator but admits this has been ” the event ” ..  After his first  jump he said it felt like liters of adrenaline. Sebastian will be with us for a week and anticipates completing at least 30 skydives.

Welcome back to Paul Darling from Ireland he  did his freefall course with us last year in June and is now  returning now for some more fun jumping.  He  like many of our clients started with Static line in Ireland but after waiting  3 months to do his 1st jump decided to give it a miss and get some of the good stuff ( AFF ) He has done some jumping in the IPC but is back for a weeks intensive jumping.

Filmon is another returning student, based in London,  he too did his course with us last year and is now back for some more fun in the sun.

Izaac another former AFF student . He  jumps in London. He racked up 40 jumps in the UK so far but has his eyes firmly set on some of our advanced courses.

Welcome also to Chris Wiik  who arrived yesterday night  ,  he did his Ground school  today and got stuck into the skydiving straight away completing his first AFF skydive this evening.

Ellie Southworth and Ellie arrrree baccck! Seriously i have run out of superlatives cos you guys take my breath away .. its such fun to have you guys here!

Filmon just landed from another great consol jump.

Kamila is McLovin it , shes getting into formation skydiving now having completed her AFF course with us late last month.

Mr. James  ” did I nail the unstable exit “Daly ( yes you did ). James has been trying to get into skydiving for a while now through the static line method but due to weather and work committments in Ireland never had the time to devote to it..so he went big and decided AFF was the way to go..  Clearly it is after completing the ground school he has already  completed 5 of the AFF levels and is within striking distance of going solo from the top.

Jonny Morton, Good to see you ! Planes Trains and automobiles but he  arrived yesterday evening did his Ground school and AFF level one today.

Plamen from Bulgaria has joined us to complete the wingsuit for beginners course.


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